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Im 17 and dating a 30 year old

im 17 and dating a 30 year old

27/05/ · I have shown friends pictures of her, asking them 'hey how do old do you think this girl is?' and all of their answers range from I tell them that she is 30 and they can't believe it. They support me being with her, probably because they think she is hot. I've been in many relationships before with people my age, 2 1-year long relationships and a couple 5+ months ones here and there so I have A University of Akron study carried out by psychologist Charles A. Waehler found that a group of to year-old bachelors displayed defense mechanisms that pushed others away. Identifying what camp your date falls into will help you work out whether the relationship has a I am 25, and for the last ~2 years I have exclusively dated men over the age of My last boyfriend was Dating older men is awesome and I think the feeling is mutual. I love the thought that my age is a factor in his attraction to me--in some (probably fucked up way) it made me feel really good to know how good he felt dating someone so much younger than him. It was also pretty hot (at first) being his arm

Im 17 and dating a 30 year old - agree

Mar 6, 6. Extremely boring to me. Sherri, wherever you are now, I thank you very much. So just enjoy your life the way you are supposed to. We were so intense; we were so complicated. im 17 and dating a 30 year old